Stepping In For a Closer Look at eBay’s “All for Kicks” Content Series

Blake Marquis | Sep. 24 2021

Summer was hot with eBay and its new content series for @ebaysneakers, All for Kicks! The social-first series of seven short films elevated sneaker devotion to a whole new level. Directed by Ariel Fisher of Tuff Contender, All for Kicks brought to life the hyperreal moments that prove sneakerheads will do the wildest things for their kicks, from licking the soles of a brand new pair, sniffing the sole inserts, or going to extreme measures to avoid a crease or scuff.

“This campaign allowed us to root the eBay brand in sneaker culture by speaking the sneakerhead language," said Emily Hambleton, Associate Brand Director at The Many. "Seeing the response and metrics on social showed us that we tapped into the right moments and that the content was building a real connection with our sneakerhead audience," added Rediate Tekeste, Senior Brand Director at The Many.

The series kicked off with “Sniff,” which featured a shoemolier taking the most exquisite whiff of his brand new Air Jordan 4 Retro Union sneakers:

Sneakerheads will do anything to avoid a crease. Episode two, “Crease,” tells the precarious story of navigating a flight of stairs with an arm full of shoeboxes piled high while trying to avoid a crease in the toe box of your Air Jordan 1s (we told you that model is iconic):

Have you ever seen someone taste their brand new shoes? If you haven’t, you have now — “Taste” gives new meaning to breakfast while this man enjoys a pair of Air Jordan 11 sneakers at the table with his family:

It’s all in the details in “Toothbrush”—this bathroom scene gives as much care to sneakers as it does to those pearly whites:

There comes a time in every sneakerhead’s life when they’re opening up a new shoebox and experience a divine feeling as if the heavens had just blessed them with this incredible gift. “New High Low” captures all of that emotion:

Scuffing up your brand new kicks is a tragedy especially when you go up against a surface that leaves a permanent mark. “Scuff” features a young man utilizing napkins to ensure that the ground doesn’t mark up his new Off White Air Jordan 5 sneakers. Unfortunately, a scooter spoils his plans:

Last but not least, “Grandma” concluded the “All for Kicks” content series. The beauty of this short is that sneakerheads are across all ages. In “Grandma,” a woman is running the resale game all from the comfort of her recliner chair:

“All seven films latched onto a real sneakerhead human truth while simultaneously highlighting eBay as the brand with the largest collection of the most Authentic kicks,” Mars Milisic, Associate Creative Director at The Many. “We strategically wrote to buyers, sellers, and highlighted eBay's Authenticity Guarantee program to show that we understand all sides of the sneakerhead audience.”

At the debut of “Sniff,” the @eBaysneakers Instagram account had 12,918 followers. By the end of July following the final episode, the handle jumped to 28k followers, a 119% month-over-month increase. By the end of August, the Instagram channel had 31k followers, a 50% increase from July.
If you enjoyed the “All for Kicks” content series then be sure to keep an eye on the @ebaysneakers Instagram account. We’re excited to be partnering with eBay to continue creating a portfolio of work that spotlights some of eBay’s most celebrated products with the launch of the brand’s first-ever social channels dedicated to specific verticals—sneakers and watches.
Client: eBay
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Head of Production, Dave Horowitz
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Associate Brand Director, Emily Risher
Director of Project Management, Iman Forde
Senior Project Manager, Jonathan Hermes
Project Manager, Peanut Adams
Director of Social Strategy, Harriet Riley
Social Strategist, Destiny Modeste
Production Company: Tuff Contender
Director, Ariel Fisher
Executive Producer, Max Rose
Executive Producer, DJay Brawner
Producer, Davey Johnson
Director of Photography, Ben Carey
Production Designer, Briana Gonzalez
1st AD, Sam Shapson
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Managing Director, Dave Horowitz
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