Stepping Into Success with ‘Born a Sneakerhead’ - Our Collaboration with eBay Sneakers

The Many | Jul. 12 2023

There’s cause for celebration at The Many as we proudly announce the success of our recent endeavor, the Born a Sneakerhead campaign, a collaborative venture with eBay Sneakers. In a digital landscape saturated with new marketplaces, we sought to bridge the gap between Gen Z and eBay, targeting those who may have overlooked the platform’s rich sneaker offerings.
Aimed squarely at Gen Z sneakerheads, we set out to challenge their comfortable, expand their horizons and inspire them to see eBay Sneakers as a destination that celebrates their love for sneakers. Instead of viewing them merely as consumers, we reached out to this new, young, culturally diverse audience as unique individuals with a shared passion for sneakers and authentic storytelling.
The centerpiece of our campaign was an invitation for Gen Z to explore and flaunt sneakers from the year they were born. By honoring throwbacks and personalizing their collections, we hoped to engage them on a deeper level, enabling them to connect with each other, develop their own tastes & styles, and level up their expertise.
To bring our vision to life, we partnered with a roster of influential creators who used eBay’s UX and TikTok’s green screen feature to find and showcase their perfect birth-year sneakers. The response was electric, resulting in a series of TikToks that have generated an astounding 4.5M views and 27.3K likes so far.
Yet, our Born a Sneakerhead campaign was about more than just numbers; it celebrated individuality and shared passion that united communities and redefined how we see the sneaker culture. This campaign is a testament to our commitment to driving cultural relevance and building communities, and the results show we’re on the right track.
As we revel in the success of this campaign, we look forward to continually pushing the creative boundaries and fostering authentic connections between brands and their audiences.