10 New Designers and Further Expansion of Our Design Capabilities

Blake Marquis | Nov. 16 2021

We welcomed 10 new designers to our design studio. The expansion allows us to enhance our existing capabilities from social and digital content to brand identity while expanding to include a complete portfolio of design services such as packaging, UX/UI, key art, illustration and animation.
The Many’s design studio is led by Jorge Andrade, Director of Design, who, over the years, has helped grow the team as an integral part of our holistic approach to solving business challenges—providing design solutions that come from a place of strategic and creative thinking. The expansion supports the agency-wide growth amounting to over 100 new hires thus far in 2021.
The new hires include Scott Woodburn (Senior Motion Graphics Designer), Spencer Wainacht (Motion Designer), Maddie Avjean (Designer), Robert Diep (Junior Designer), Sarah Burley (Senior Designer), Jesiah Atkinson (Junior Designer), Katie Braverman (Junior Designer) Christopher Rupelt (Senior Designer), Gianni Arone (Motion Graphics Designer) and Stephen Jablonski (Senior Designer). In addition, there are five promotions: Amy Woo from Senior Designer to Associate Design Director, Paul Brantly from Designer to Senior Designer, Darleen Ralota from intern to Motion Graphics Designer, and Steven Nguyen and Shina Kim-Avalos from interns to Designers.
As a DREAMer himself, Andrade has made it a priority to open the doors for people like himself to break into the advertising industry. Shina Kim-Avalos, a DREAMer as well, was recently promoted from intern to designer and made her way to The Many after learning about Andrade’s story through the agency’s Voices program.
“As a design studio, we benefit from being part of an integrated agency to create a more holistic approach to visual branding that is informed by media, crafted through strategy, and given a personality and point of view through our creative,” said Jorge Andrade, Director of Design At The Many. “We put a lot of emphasis on design because of the power a perfectly curated campaign brings to the world—it is what distinguishes brands in the sea of sameness when it comes to the content we engage with day-to-day.”
The substantial expansion of the design studio enables us to continue our intentional diversification of the team and further expand its capabilities such as 3D and AR animation.
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