The Many Moms Get Real for Mother’s Day

Ty Gates | May. 9 2021

What would the world be without mothers? Let’s keep that as a rhetorical question.
No one knows how long it’ll be until we fully understand the consequences of, essentially, every aspect of life coming to a screeching stop as a result of the pandemic in 2020. But, the current studies indicate that our mothers were severely impacted. According to research conducted by the New York Times, the publication found that almost 1 million mothers left the workforce due to the pandemic and its impact.
After a tumultuous year, we at The Many dedicate this to all the mothers around the world: To the mothers that left the workforce to care for their children, we appreciate you and thank you. To the mothers that managed a job while also caring for their children, we appreciate you and thank you.
And to the incredible mothers that are a part of our team at The Many—Abby MacDonald, Amanda Cosindas, Amber Adoue, Amber Justis, Anne Halvorson, Georgiana Cocieru, Iman Forde, Nicole Fuhrman, Nicole King, Nicole Lombardo, Pam Fujimoto, Pamela Lloyd, Tori Matthews, Vanessa Shanahan, Yasmine Nozile—we appreciate you and thank you. We know the past year wasn’t an easy one, and you all hung in there with grace. OK, maybe there were some occasional meltdowns, but we are here for you!
We asked these women a few questions to get a glimpse into their perspectives this Mother’s Day. Some of their answers might make you a little uncomfortable, but real talk is how we play it here at The Many. 
We hope that all of you reading this will join us in echoing the moving words expressed by Kevin Durant during his heartfelt 2014 NBA MVP acceptance speech: “You sacrificed for us. You’re the real MVP.”
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