The Many Multiplies with the Launch of Plus Plus

Blake Marquis | Sep. 30 2020

We’re stoked to announce the launch of our sister agency and multi-service production company, Plus Plus. As exemplified by its name, Plus Plus represents the evolution of production to include ideation and execution for all production categories including branded content, commercials, experiential, filmmaking, design and photography.
Its relationship with The Many allows Plus Plus to draw upon traditional agency services including media, social, strategy, talent acquisition and public relations to create a tailored fit for every client’s specific needs and ensure the effectiveness of the brand’s output. It also supports our nimble approach to accommodating a range of clients, from AOR to project-based, who may not require full agency services, at which point Plus Plus steps in. 
“To be effective in production today, we have to go beyond just being a world-class production service entity and tap into the breadth of agency capabilities at our fingertips,” said Dave Horowitz, Executive Producer. “The development of Plus Plus has been a very organic process—it began with such a high demand for content from clients at a fast pace, and what we’ve learned is that it’s simply unrealistic to outsource every project to third parties. Instead, you have to be dedicated to the work.”
While we began with in-house production in 2013, Plus Plus is a formalization of that business function as a separate entity that offers media and creative to its own clients in addition to traditional production services. The team hits the ground running with a client roster that spans brands, agencies and content platforms such as NOS Energy Drink, Discover Los Angeles, STARZ, E!, United Way LA, Australian Agency Emotive, and Music Video Media.
Plus Plus will continue to execute projects for The Many, supporting our ability to move fast and effectively. However, Plus Plus never bids against other production companies for agency projects. 
Another added feature of Plus Plus is that each of its employees serves a dual role, whether that’s being an executive producer plus director or composer, or a line producer plus an agency producer. Everything at Plus Plus adds up to deliver more than you expect.
See the Plus Plus news in The LA Egotist and Shoot, and check out its full-length documentary film For the Love of Dirt that launched earlier this year for NOS Energy Drink.