Todd Lombardo Discusses The Many’s Hybrid Workforce with Digiday

Ty Gates | Aug. 20 2021

With vaccinations on the rise going into the summer, agencies started to map out how they would open the doors for more employees to return to working in-office should they desire. But with the delta variant popping up sporadically across the country, the industry headed back to the drawing board to figure things out and develop a way to be more flexible with the workforce.
Todd Lombardo, managing director, excellence here at The Many, recently sat down with Kristina Monllos of Digiday to discuss how The Many has been navigating operating with an entirely remote workforce with those in Los Angeles having the ability to head into the office whenever they need it.
One thing we’ve all come to realize is that flexibility is critical when it comes to navigating this unfamiliar time.
Check out the full conversation over at Digiday.