Yes! Bumble Bee! Invites Consumers to Think About Tuna in New Ways

Amanda Cosindas | Aug. 19 2020

Tuna as a source of protein to fuel your workout? Yes! Bumble Bee! Tuna as the ultimate fast food? Yes! Bumble Bee!
Our Yes! Bumble Bee! campaign that launches today proudly touts Bumble Bee tuna’s many benefits by showing up creatively in ways you may not anticipate, but, frankly, places that Bumble Bee tuna has always rightfully belonged.
“You can’t just tell someone that tuna is great, you have to force them to re-appraise it. That’s what we really focused on,” said Damien ‘Tuna Melt’ Eley, ECD and Partner.
“So while building out the creative and the media plan, we tried not to make it more complicated than simply isolating the awesome benefits of Bumble Bee tuna—benefits that people may not have known or have at least thought about for a while—and then finding the most unexpected ways in which we could deliver that,” said Ashley ‘Tuna Fuels Me’ Milhollin and Annie ‘Really Spicy Tuna Melt’ Johnston, Associate Creative Directors.
You’ll find the campaign on national TV, your favorite digital networks, and see it pop up in your social feed. Linear TV markets include New York, Boston and Baltimore, while connected TV markets include Los Angeles, Miami and Tampa.
Yes! Bumble Bee! will also run across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as well as all of Bumble Bee’s owned channels, including a revamped brand website. In addition, we are launching creative partnerships with media outlets like and We are also partnering with social influencers from the same verticals as the campaign – sports, active lifestyle, and fast food – who will share the benefits of Bumble Bee products with their followers in surprising and fun ways.
Watch all four spots below now: Get Your Melt On, What Fuels You?, Trailblazer, and Open Pantry. You can also check out what Adweek has to say about Yes! Bumble Bee!.

Todd Putman, EVP and Chief Growth Officer
Daniel Hofmeister, SVP Brand Marketing
Renee Junge, VP Corporate Brand Strategy & Communication
Amanda Baiada, Director of Marketing
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Damien Eley, Executive Creative Director, Partner
Blake Marquis, Executive Creative Director, Partner
Annie Johnston, Associate Creative Director
Ashley Milhollin, Associate Creative Director
Noah Sacksteder, Senior Copywriter
Frank Garguilo, Senior Art Director
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