Premium channel STARZ has tapped Mistress to develop original creative for its brand social platforms.

STARZ airs a number of original series including Outlander, American Gods, Power, The Girlfriend Experience, and Ash vs. The Evil Dead, among others. These shows have obsessed fan bases, and Mistress will tap into that passion to bring the STARZ brand social platforms to life.

Mistress has created original social series including The Obsessable Store, a virtual store that lives on social feeds full of products for our super fans to shop their obsession; Live Your Fantasy, where fans insert profile pics into key scenes from the show for sharing on their own social pages; Instagram Stories of Obsession mash-ups that bring together various characters; Fan Art Galleries; Culturally Themed Social E-cards; and more.

We are onto something: our work on Instagram is already driving a 20x lift in engagement and thousands of new followers. Follow our STARZ work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more. Don’t subscribe to STARZ yet? Get obsessed here.


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