With Chipotle and other Mexican food competitor recently trying to match QDOBA’s Queso game, chatter about the delicious dip has become hot and heavy, with Queso superfans taking to social media to scorn some, and praise others (ahem, QDOBA).

That’s why Mistress teamed up with QDOBA for the new campaign, #TheirWordsNotOurs, to shed light on all the love for QDOBA (and some of the, er, feedback, for Chipotle).

In a social media marathon, Mistress responded to their fans’ praises by creating GIF stories of our top Queso loving tweets, while subtly responding to 3,000 Chipotle critics with Queso-mojis and a coupon to get free chips & Queso at their local QDOBA – the first step in establishing trust and loyalty with potential customers.

The campaign garnered 25.5 million impressions and over 150 thousand engagements over just three days. Little by little, QDOBA is starting to turn the negative Queso sentiment in the world into a soft reminder that everyone can be united over the great, timeless flavor of QDOBA’s own queso.


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