Founded 2014, SnackNation is a snack subscription delivery service that prides itself on the belief that snacks can change the world by positively affecting daily life. The way the company sees it, if you aren’t making the small decisions right, you aren’t making the big ones either. That’s why SnackNation has your back, one delicious snack at a time.

But when the startup found it was outgrowing its brand identity, who’d have SnackNation‘s back?

Here’s where Mistress stepped up.

As the snack team decided to retire its dated logo, packaging, and other key branding elements, Mistress was tasked with designing replacements that better reflected the company as it evolved. SnackNation‘s desire to connect people over food provided inspiration for the new direction. Originally represented by a human hand, the Mistress team elevated the original logo into a harmonious ‘SN’ monogram; an identity that materializes the integral parts of a brand that’s rooted not only in snacks, but also happiness and health.

Mistress further materialized the growing brand’s vision through its biggest consumer touchpoint, the SnackNation snack box. The new creative speaks to the full range of the brand’s tone-of-voice and visual approach—through typography, graphics, photography, and color—making it a perfect canvas to share the brand’s story.

Packaged with an integrated social media strategy, the new brand identity has been popular with the company and consumers alike.

SnackNation Logo Animation
SnackNation Logo Grid
SnackNation Collateral Design


Packaging Redesign


SnackNation Logo Rebranding

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