The Royals’ Queen Helena wished America a happy President’s Day by dispelling some “fake news” about Donald Trump.

In E!‘s tongue-in-cheek promo, Elizabeth Hurley’s character trolls Trump by rattling off a list of stories that are “definitely not true” about his recent visit to Europe. She shifts through headlines about their interactions that claim his hands were too small to open the doors of Buckingham Palace, and that she had to throw away all of his bed sheets because of his spray tan.

“I would hate for anyone to think that any of these are true,” she says in the spot.

Trump also did not throw a temper tantrum when he realized her face is on money and his isn’t, never sent her a tweet asking if the English Channel has good ratings, and certainly doesn’t think Mexico paid for Stonehenge.

“So please, don’t share these stories with everyone you know,” she begs. “After all, that’s how rumors get started.”

E! teamed up with Los Angeles agency Mistress to create the President’s Day message from the fake queen of England as The Royals returns for a fourth season on March 11.

“After a lengthy hiatus following season three, E! realized they needed to do something king-sized—or better yet, queen sized—to jump back into culture and remind fans why they fell in love with the show in the first place,” according to a press release.

The spot follows a Valentine’s Day promo featuring Hurley opening outrageous gifts from some of Queen Helena’s biggest celebrity admirers, including Taylor Swift and Oprah.

Read the full article in the Daily Brief here.

The Royals - Rumors Promotional
The Royals Promotion Valentines Day

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