Anyone remember #NuggsforCarter? That social phenomenon started by a tweet was a huge success for fast food chain Wendy’s back in 2017.

Or was it?

It’s harder to determine an answer when it’s about driving sales or doing something positive for the brand. Yes it went viral, but was it impactful?

The Many’s Todd Lombardo recently had the opportunity to speak with Forbes contributor, Ryan Erskine, on how to approach measuring the impact of social media efforts as we head into 2019. Though the question of ‘how businesses should be thinking about ROI from social’ is a tricky one, Todd had the opportunity to weigh in.

For example, one area of particular focus for our clients is not treating organic social efforts and paid social efforts as the same thing. While they live on the same platforms, they can and should play very different roles, and be held accountable as such. Organic creative should have a value proposition that entices people to choose to watch—and be measured more like a media company. Paid creative, on the other hand, can be approached based on specific paid metrics, whether that be reach, frequency, CPM, ad lift studies, conversion, or other metrics.

For more perspective from Todd and others about measuring the impact of social efforts, check out the article over on Forbes.

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