Rachel Guest and Celine Faledam sat down with Natalie Kim, founder of We Are Next, in a podcast to chat about their life experiences in the world of advertising. The duo discussed how they got their start in the industry, the biggest things you don’t learn in ad school, the key to their thriving 10-year creative partnership, and the importance of passion projects.

Here’s Celine on learning how to communicate your ideas with clients and brand teams as a creative:

“A client might be a lot more business-minded and speak with words and numbers, but we have a different system of language. So finding more tangible, less abstract ways to show an idea is definitely something that [helps] make it sellable.”

And here’s Rachel on developing a lasting relationship with your creative partner:

“Having the ability to feel that you can be open and honest with your partner, and be really vulnerable and say, ‘This is what I’m feeling.’ I think speaking up when something’s bothering you and not letting it fester is really important. Having a lot of empathy for your partner knowing they’re in the same situation as you. Just really speaking very honestly with each other has been a huge saving grace of ours.”

We Are Next is an open resource built for students and junior talent in advertising and marketing. They gather advice, insights, and tools from all over the industry and make them accessible to everyone. By focusing on guidance that scales to benefit everyone, We Are Next is making sure the next generation of talent is better prepared, more informed, and more diverse.

Listen to Rachel and Celine on Episode #107 of We Are Next here.

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