Coca-Cola Freestyle

With over one hundred beverages and endless combinations, the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine champions choice. There’s nothing more important to today’s generation than feeling empowered to embrace their individuality. That self-expression inspired The Many’s global campaign for Coca-Cola Freestyle, inviting today’s youth to choose a beverage that’s right for them.
Coke Freestyle Global Brand campaign video 

Brand Spot

As the very first piece of film content for Coca-Cola Freestyle, the film had to show the functionality of the machine, establish the variety of beverage choices, and push through the clutter of the saturated digital world with a vibrant visual identity. The film conveys that no matter what you’re doing, or how you feel, the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine allows you to choose freely.


Social Influencer Tessa Brooks and Coke Freestyle



Influencer Partnerships

Since Instagram is a huge market for our demographic, we teamed up with influencer, Tessa Brooks. Her following of over one hundred and forty thousand people, dance experience as a backup dancer for music artists such as Usher and Black Eyed Peas, combined with her bubbly personality made her the perfect hero for our brand spot and partner to help spread our campaign message.



Digital and Social Extensions

Knowing where our demographic lives and breaths, it was important to establish Coca-Cola Freestyle’s presence in the digital and mobile world. The Many developed a variety of communication to bring our brand positioning and visual identity to life.