Hot Wheels For Real II: Double Loop Dare

The Double Loop Dare campaign used rich entertainment content rather than traditional advertising to spread Hot Wheels’ global brand messaging to a large audience than just the core young boy, making it relevant to boys of ALL ages.


The Many (formerly Mistress) created an epic, globally distributed, episodic story based around real characters, stunts and a double-loop toy. The fictional storyline talked to kids while a real world-record double-loop at the X Games and viral corkscrew jump extended the Hot Wheels brand to a massive older audience.



A lot of people ask us, ‘Why are we doing this?’ It comes down to why we do everything we do. It comes down to the very soul of Hot Wheels. It comes down to how you feel when you’re a kid, when you’re playing with Hot Wheels. If you ask a kid if this is possible, the kid’s gonna go, ‘Yeah, of course that’s possible.’ Why should you stop dreaming just cause you’re not a kid anymore?


VP Design, Hot Wheels