To introduce and build awareness surrounding the latest Netflix original series ‘Narcos,’ we set out to build a comprehensive social campaign to bring the show to life online.

From eye-catching designs, to real-time responses around cultural moments and trends, we created a groundbreaking social experience that resonated with fans from around the world, garnering top reach and engagement across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We were able to build, increase and drive Narcos’ social media presence earning 94 million Facebook impressions and 1 million fans in the first month alone- ultimately contributing to the widespread success of the show.

Narcos quickly became not only the hit original series of the season, but also one of the streaming site’s most popular shows in the social space with over 2 million fans and engagements – and counting.


Increase in
Social Following


Pieces of Original
Social Content


Organic Reach
on Social Media

Only thing better than the show might be their twitter account ?? @NarcosNetflix. #bandidos


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The Countdown

To build awareness and anticipation around the release of Netflix’s original series, Narcos, we created unconventional and eye catching countdown messaging that incorporated the show’s key thematics.



Narcos is rooted in a fascinating, true story that inspired #Cokenomics, a graphically appealing social series that brought to life the compelling facts of the cocaine trade. The posts often featured infographics and contemporary comparisons. These posts resonated extremely well with our audience and produced some of our top performing content of the campaign.


Real Time Responses

In response to Facebook’s release of “reaction” emojis, The Many created a new version of reactions based on the Narcos key characters.

To remain relevant to the topical event of the release, we created the design and shared it on Facebook within hours of Zuckerberg’s own post – calling out the platform in the caption copy.

With over 16,700 Likes, 1,000 Shares and 600 Comments, this post reached over half a million Facebook users – organically.


Narcos in Culture

To continue the conversation around the show, we capitalized on cultural moments and existing social conversations. These real time responses allowed us to produce relevant pieces of content that were easily shareable and top-of-mind for our audience.

From Fantasy Football to Miss America, we created a relevant voice to seamlessly tie these events back to Narcos, its characters, themes, and storyline.

The post we created around Donald Trump was shared during the high profile September GOP Debate. It was featured in the top trending posts on Instagram with the hashtag #GOPDebate the night of the debate.



Visual Quotes

Fans immediately fell in love with Narcos’ powerful writing and rich characters. Knowing this, we created compelling stills that pulled quotes and embedded them into corresponding visuals. The result was an incredibly dynamic and emotive series of posts that illustrated the show’s tone.