Spending Made Safer

PayPal is the safer and faster way to pay online. So, to draw attention to the speed and security that set PayPal apart and promote the brand’s new One Touch app in time for the 2014 holiday season, we created a fully integrated campaign spanning digital, social and TV–a campaign that ultimately increased total payment volume 27% from the same time the previous year.


We came to The Many with a simple yet difficult request-drive sales during our busy holiday season with a message around PayPal being the most secure way to pay.
What we got in return was our biggest quarter in the history of our company.
Thank you, The Many!

Head of Advertising, PayPal


Partnerships with popular TV shows like Ellen and Conan, and YouTube channels like Collegehumor, injected PayPal head first into the cultural conversation. By tackling the important issues of identity theft and credit card fraud, PayPal laid the foundation to kick off a large- scale digital campaign all about PayPal’s online security.

Connan Late Night Paypal Social Engagement Advertising
College Humor Advertising Campaign Paypal
Ellen Advertising Paypal Promotion

Paypal Print Advertisement VS Apple
Paypal Advertising News Press Quotes


One Touch App

A full-page takeover in The New York Times boldly introduced the world to the new One Touch App, along with a flag-planting TV spot and a series of inventive co-marketing activations with websites like StubHub and Munchery. The message was clear: PayPal is the brand of the People Economy, and with the One Touch App, that economy is easier and faster to tap into than ever before.

Holiday Social Advertising on Vine

Holiday Social Live Vine Campaign

A real time Vine activation kicked off PayPal’s holiday social campaign in a fun new way. Called “Epic Experience Time,” this campaign consisted of a dozen real-life epic experiences with popular influencers, which were auctioned off online for charity… but not before Vine star Avery Monsen adapted each experience into a 7 second Vine trailer, all in one day.

Paypal Savings Made Safer vs Apple Pay Advertising Campaign using Social Media