Trollvertising With QDOBA

It’s no surprise that QDOBA has always been known for its amazing, delicious and creamy queso. When Chipotle took note and launched its own queso, the Internet’s reaction was not fantástico, despite a tortillian-dollar marketing campaign. The Many used social listening tools to pick up on real-time negative commentary and took ownership of the queso chatter, giving Qdoba the upper hand on Twitter and off.

Using these social insights, #TheirWordsNotOurs was born—a new kind of trolling campaign where consumers’ opinions about the competition were used as a foil to show the positive sentiment around our own brand. The Many brought its favorite love-for-QDOBA-queso Tweets to life in a targeted social GIF campaign and used “trollvertising” to rightfully own the queso conversation in social, deliver a positive queso message, build consumer sentiment, and win market conversation share



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Queso case study


Noticing that Twitter users liked QDOBA’s queso a whole lot more than Chipotle’s, The Many selected some of the most outrageously positive things that people tweeted about QDOBA’s queso, and turned them into into 5-to-10 second GIFs.



Ramping up the heat…

After seeking out the spiciest disses of Chipotle’s queso, we responded to over 3,000 tweets with our own queso-themed reaction GIFs, paired with coupons. Though we’d never speak ill of a competitor, we had no problem giggling, smirking, and directing attention to the most savage tweets already out there while trying to redeem the public’s love for queso, overall!


Qdoba Queso VS Chipotle
Brands throwing shade on social media
Qdoba Queso Wars Social Reaction



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