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Univision called on The Many to build a full social campaign for their original series “El Chapo”. The series and all the creative are 100% in Spanish and comprised of over 200 assets.

We filled fans’ social feeds with original content inspired by the show, but not from the show itself, giving fans something new to consume when they entered El Chapo’s world.

These included anything from an innovative way to tease upcoming episodes using puppets, to ending the season with a narco-tomb where fans could explore all of Season 1 through Facebook 360. To date, our campaign has seen more than 26,000,000 social impressions.


In The World Of “El Chapo” Everyone Is Everyone’s Puppet

In “El Chapo” there are no real good guys. Everyone either manipulates or is being manipulated by someone else. This is one of the things that makes this true story so interesting – everyone is dirty and everything is playing out in a real life narrative.

En el mundo del Chapo, nunca sabes quien está en control. Estreno de #ElChapoTV, este domingo 23 de abril a las 8pm/7c.

Posted by El Chapo on Saturday, April 22, 2017


We took this insight and turned it into a multi touchpoint social first micro-campaign using the traditional Mexican storytelling device of marionettes.

Renowned puppet creator Dan Payes customized marionettes for each of the main characters. They then starred in videos that teased each upcoming episode.

Marionette El Chapo
Marionette El Chapo

Each scene depicted within the teaser videos showed a situation where someone or something was being manipulated by another to get something he or she desired.

The first video introduced fans to the concept by showing one character, in puppet form, being manipulated by another in a never-ending cycle.

Marionette El Chapo
Marionette El Chapo

After the first two episodes aired (as the episodes aired in set of twos) we posted our video teasing what was going to happen in episodes 3/4. This was repeated every week until the season ended.


Thus far, our puppets have been viewed over 1M times and reached over 3.8M people.


Drug Lucha

There were constant power struggles between the characters of El Chapo. In order to highlight this, we used another iconic element of the Mexican culture “Lucha Libre” by creating Drug Lucha Posters.

After each episode we shared a drug lucha poster showing one of the struggles that happened during one of those episodes.

El Chapo Series on Univision

General Blanco VS Don Sol El Chapo Series Posters
El Chapo VS DEA


Drug War Canvas

Individual main character portraits were created using the elements that made them who they were. For example to create the portrait of a character that was greedy we used money to construct his face. For another we used gun smoke because he was always quick to resolve things with a bullet. And for El Chapo we used blood because he is the one with most blood on his hands.


Logró crear su imagen de poder a costa de las vidas de muchos. #ElChapoTV, este domingo a las 9PM ET/8C /8PM PT por Univision.

Posted by El Chapo on Friday, May 19, 2017


Real Time Posts

Because El Chapo’s story is a real, ongoing one, we created content responding to real time events.

En el lado de los EE.UU, los narco-túneles se han llenado de cemento, pero no en el lado de México porque es demasiado caro. ¿Los túneles abiertos significan puertas abiertas para el cártel? #ElChapoTV

Posted by El Chapo on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mexico refused to fill Chapo’s border tunnels.

Caption Copy: The US has filled the narco-tunnels with cement, but the Mexico side hasn’t because it’s too expensive. Does open tunnels mean open season for the cartel?

El Chapo went to trial.

Caption Copy: This Friday in NY, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán will go to trial and everything will be placed on the scale of justice. Does he have anything in his favor?

The capture of El Chapo led to a surge in homicides.

Caption Copy: Although El Chapo is behind bars, cartel-related deaths continue to rise.


Death Of A Season

When a narco dies people often create an elaborate mausoleum tomb where everyone can gather and remember them. For the end of Season 1 we did just that. We built a tomb that summarized the life of the first season with traditional Mexican effigies of the characters playing out the most important moments of the show.

The walls and floors were filled with pictures and props from each episode. Fans could explore the narco tomb and spend time discovering“easter eggs” from the show hidden in every corner, like the cans of chile El Chapo used to smuggle drugs and the green cooler used to store the severed head of a drug lord’s wife. In total we used over 300 pieces of content around the tomb, over 50 props, 6 effigies of the characters and a lot of blood and fake cocaine.

So far, our ‘Death of A Season’ content has been seen by 1,553,144, people.

Explora la narco tumba de la primera temporada de #ElChapoTV y revive cada momento. ¡Para la experiencia completa asegúrate de ponerte audífonos!

Posted by El Chapo on Sunday, May 21, 2017

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El Chapo 360 tomb
el chapo tomb
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