You Can’t Script This

The World Surf League is a sporting association like no other on this planet, but entering the 2015 season the brand had not yet achieved the level of mass consciousness it truly wanted. To drive new viewership and elevate the WSL brand in time for their latest world tour, The Many set out to create a compelling brand platform and ensuing global campaign to both challenge other major sports and champion what makes pro surfing unique.

We came to The Many with a big ask: help us launch our first global brand campaign. We wanted big and inspiring work that would speak to both our sport’s core and new fans who may be learning about the WSL for the first time. The Many team definitely delivered with the “You Can’t Script This” campaign and our launch spot ‘Chaos Theory’. 2015 was the biggest year ever in competitive surfing and The Many team played a huge role in driving our success. Thank you The Many!

Scott Hargrove


The insight was simple: the World Surf League takes unpredictability to a whole new level. Between the wind, the waves, the swell, the weather, the board design, the topography, the wildlife, and the wills of the competitors to overcome adversity, the sheer number of variables at any given event is simply staggering and unparalleled in the world of sports. Boiled down into a single thought: at the WSL, when all of the elements come together, You Can’t Script This.

From this, our campaign was born – a celebration of the unexpected and the seemingly impossible moments that happen at the World Surf League every day. It launched with online content that didn’t simply showcase the league’s greatest hits, but instead approached it from an angle as unexpected as the league itself, by describing how the values of the World Surf League exemplify the concept of Chaos Theory.

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